If you're looking for a flexible widget to help with low-level layout needs, the GSBox widget might be just what you need. With its customizable styles and properties, it can be used to create a wide range of UI elements, from simple containers to complex layout structures.
This is an illustration of a Themed GSBox widget with default configuration.

    import 'package:gluestack_ui/gluestack_ui.dart';

      style: GSStyle(
        padding: EdgeInsets.all($GSSpace.$5),
        bg: $GSColors.primary500,
      child: const GSText(
        text: 'This is the Box',


To use this component in your project, include the following import statement in your file.
import "package:gluestack_ui/gluestack_ui.dart"

Widget Parameters

This section provides a comprehensive reference list for the widget parameters, detailing descriptions, properties, types, and default behavior for easy project integration.


It inherits all the properties of Flutter's Container widget.

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